Abacha seller goes viral for her design ingenuity

The viral photo of an Abacha seller Abacha chinwerenmeri joyA heavily pregnant woman was discovered by Chinwerenmeri Joy a Facebook user in Owerri.

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Chinwerenmeri Joy Wrote on facebook

She was pregnant..

She was hawking Abacha

I saw her from afar ..my eyes were playing “ten ten “with me ..

I admired the plastic container she used, the colours were beautiful.

She came closer and i looked closely ..

No, it wasn’t a design by the manufacturers ..

She created it herself using sliced onions, pepper and utazi leaves…

Omg ?, i begged her to take a snapshot..she obliged me

Her creativity wowed me.

I dashed her money to buy herself a can of juice and begged her to find time to rest while she hustles…

She was so excited and took the money with so much appreciation.

Nigerians are very hardworking people …

Abacha seller goes viral for her design ingenuity 1

Abacha chinwerenmeri joy

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